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 Site Official Rules

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PostSubject: Site Official Rules   Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:36 pm

Be polite. Express different opinions in a kind way. Do not mock or make fun of other members. Do not be rude. Really, this isn't a very hard rule to follow, so I expect it to be followed at all times.

NO PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism is copying someone elses work and not giving them due credit for it, or stealing others ideas without their permission. I do not want to see this happening under any circumstances.

Keep signiture and avatar size reasonable. You can have big pictures, but use some common sense. Don't upload something so big it takes up a full page.

Username Changes. I couldn't care less if you want to change your username or not. However, notify me via the Name Change Section when you want one and I'll do it for you. This way, we're all made aware of the change.

Don't report posts without a reason. Flagging a post brings it to the staff's attention. Don't report something without an actual reason. And remember, posts can be flagged for a good reason, too! If you see some real talent or a good idea, report it so we can take a look! Also, report posts and/or threads that break rules or concern you in any way.

No Flaming. This goes with the first rule but it's every bit as important if not more. If you feel the sudden urge to insult or argue, don't. Settle it somewhere else.

No Spamming. I'm just not having it. Posting a bunch of random junk (Aside from actual works, of course) isn't going to fly.

No bumping. If a thread is a month old with no replies then it gets moved to the Archive. If you bump it before I move it, there is a penalty. This rule, I'm not as strict about. I won't ban you over it unless you do so repeatedly. But there is a penalty after the first warning.

No Explicit Content. No porn and if there is a nude image or sexual theme in the art you post, you will be asked to either remove it or simply censor it.

Swearing. I don't swear but you have freedom of expression and all that. Just try to not swear for the simple sake of swearing. Articulation is your friend. If I see a sentence that is nothing but F-Bomb after F-Bomb for no reason, I am going to ask that said post be removed. If it is not removed within a certain amount of time, I will remove it myself and I promise, I will make you feel bad about it.

That brings me to the next thing. Rate your work. If it is friendly for child eyes, then in the Description of the New Post/Edit Post tab, write that as its rating. You can even use Movie or Videogame ratings for all I care. E-10+, PG13, whatever.

Every video is to be posted in its own thread. The reason for this is having too many videos on one page can slow down that page. So it's best to just separate the videos by the threads. When it comes to pictures, I'd say that unless it's a series like multiple pages of a comic book or something, then the same rule applies. The same for written work. Unless it's a series, separate them.

You may not post or link to your own works in someone else's channel.

If I see any threads with a mountain of "you're an idiot" posts, I'm locking the thread and no one will be allowed to post there.


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Site Official Rules
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